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Modern Contemporary Interior Design

living room design
living room design
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A modern contemporary interior design is meant for those, who prefer their homes to be clutter free and functional, at the same time very elegant and stylish. What we today refer to as modern contemporary interior designs, actually became popular in Europe initially, before coming to America in the late 1950's.
living room ideas
living room ideas
Luxury Contemporary House Design
Living room designs
Living room decoration ideas
Contemporary style interior design is based on the concept of keeping the interiors home of theor the office very simple and uncomplicated. There is minimum usage of furniture and accessories, while there is great emphasis laid on optimum space utilization. If you too are planning such practical and elegant interiors for your home, then here are some modern contemporary interior design ideas which you will find handy. Read more on home decorating.

living room Furniture
living room Furniture
Elegant Sofa for Modern Living Room – Lacon
Living room furniture ideas
Modern living room furniture
Minimum furniture is used. The size of the beds or the sofas ranges from small to average. Beds are low lying and made from metal or light woods. Platform beds and Italian leather beds look good in a modern house. In the bedroom, except for two side tables and a closet, there is no need of any other furniture item and even if chairs tables and are placed in a bedroom,
modern bedroom
modern bedroom
Modern bedroom interior design ideas
Luxury bedroom interior ideas
Luxury modern bedroom design
care should be taken that only those which have a streamlined look, should be purchased. For the living room, one can place sofas of different geometrical shapes, such as round or an L shape. Sofas are sleek and designed in such a way that they occupy as minimum a space as possible. Read more on modern bedroom furniture plans .
Kitchen cabinets
Kitchen cabinets
Kitchen luxury design
Design ideas for the modern kitchen
Modern kitchen interior designs
When it comes to modern contemporary interior designs, futuristic colors such as silver, bronze, copper and blue, are the most apt. People interested in using bright colors for their home, can use orange and green. Green being an eco friendly color is considered very modern and is quite a rage nowadays. Avoid loud colors such as maroon or traditional common colors such as pink, while designing a modern house. Pastel shades are another good option for a modern home.
modern house
The fabric for upholstery, curtains, table cloth, etc. in a modern house should be very soft and soothing. Fabrics which have geometric designs on them look very good in a modern house. Heavy, coarse or velvety fabrics should be completely avoided in a modern house.
traditional homes
traditional homes
Luxury House with a Modern Contemporary Interior
Luxury Contemporary House Design
Modern House Design
Unlike traditional homes, where accessories are used liberally, modern homes make use of minimal accessories, which occupy very less space on the walls. Night lamps and chandeliers made of metal are some of the commonly used accessories in a modern house.

Beautiful White House Interior Design

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Modern Home Interior Design

Modern house interior design pictures

modern interior design, home design, home decor, furniture , interior decoration

house interior design pictures
modern interior design, home design, home decor, furniture , interior decoration
Modern house interior designs

modern interior design, home design, home decor, furniture , interior decoration

Modern house interior designs

modern interior design, home design, home decor, furniture , interior decoration

Black and white Modern house interior designs

modern interior design, home design, home decor, furniture , interior decoration

Modern Living Room Interior Design Ideas

Lving Room is one of the most important place in house where people spend lot Time in living room with friends and you have to need beautiful interior design for your living room.beautiful sofa set,attractive and fresh color are little inspiration on contemporary living room design with pictures that might inspire you.

Modern Living Room Interior Design Ideas
Contemporary Living room Interior Design
Fresh Living Room Interior Design Ideas
Clean Living Room Interior Design
Beautiful Living Room Interior Design Ideas
Living Room Interior Design Ideas

interior home design

interior home design

It may seem rather intimidating to think about decorating your own home. Lots of people just live with things the way they find are. Others get the help of professionals, since they have no clue what they like or what approach to take!

Your home is your personal space. If you need help ask for suggestions, browse through interior design journals or online for inspiration! However, when the time comes to make decisions, they should be yours and your family’s. It's your home and you should feel comfortable with the choices as you are the one who has to live with the choices!

Take a focal point in your room or the natural pathways. An example of this could be an ornate fire place, architectural features or placement of windows. Make this your starting point and start to design from one of these,

Choose your fabric, flooring and upholstery first, not the paint that you will use on the walls. You can always have paint mixed in any colour to compliment or match your soft furnishings when the time comes.

Don't try to make things match, this is rarely effective! It is far better to have different textures, patterns such as floral and stripes which will add interest and style to the room.

Try not too make the room look too fussy by covering every surface with your treasures! Select the loves you love the most give them space to be viewed and enjoyed!

Determine which style of window treatments would be most practical and fit in with your design theme. The most common window treatments are blinds such as vertical blinds, or Venetian or traditional styled curtains used on their own or in combination with a blind. Choose the window dressing carefully as they do far more then just dress a window, they give you privacy, light, and insulation. As such they should always be an integral part of the design scheme not left as an after thought!

If you have thread bare carpets you have some great choices! Probably the most cost effective is to buy cheap rugs and cover the ‘bald’ bits! However, this is only a short term measure. Either replace the carpet or opt for the latest design trends and have stripped floor boards if you have wooden floors. The most cost effective way would be to strip the boards yourself, but this can be very time consuming, particularly if the boards are not in very good order or have layers of varnish to remove, in which case it may be advisable to obtain professional advice.

If you live in a modern style home which has concrete floors wood effect laminate floor is worth considering. The cheap rugs you brought can still be used on either of these floor surfaces as they will still coordinate with your soft furnishings.

If your furniture is mismatched or maybe you have inherited it, try to find a way of tying it all in with your room. By adding throws or cushions in coordinating fabric or painting the wood on some pieces of furniture, can achieve the desired effect you want.

interior design photos

Small spaces have great potential when it comes to house interior design. Make more room while giving each space your unique design expression by applying these 7 rules the pros use!,+rose+living+room.jpg

1. Slim Down - Get a large box, basket or bag and sift through those small accents. Too many little things sitting around a small room will clog of the room's space quickly. It's amazing how much air space you will create by being super specific about what you have placed on table tops and shelves.

2. Trim Down - Heavy, bulky window treatments not only block the limited light in your small room but are also space hoggers. Free those windows by using shades, blinds or even shutters. There are some gorgeous options to be made or purchased at your favorite house interior design store. Have a little extra money to spend, have your blinds custom designed in fabrics that compliment the rest of your room's decor.

3. Color Down - Though a variety of color breaks up a large house, too much color in a small one will work against your already limited amount of space. It is best to paint all the walls one color or use a similar pallet hue for small subtle changes from room to room.

4. Lighten Up - Pull in that limited light with the use of mirrors positioned directly across from a window. Use semi gloss paint to reflect the light and keep your furniture polished and your appliances clean.

5. Fabric Up - It is better to fabric up your accents and leave the large furniture pieces to solids. If you already have a busy couch with a floral print, shapes or strips, consider toning things down a bit with a slip cover. Then, bring in those extra fabrics in your accents to provide some visual depth and emotional interest. Have fun with this part of your house interior design project!

Bring in those weaves, patterns, and quilted fabrics for this.

6. Liven Up - Nothing says open space and health like fresh plants placed around a room. Potted plants are preferred but bountiful bouquets regularly freshened up will also work well.

Limited for room? Positioning a potted plant in front of the fireplace mantle during the warmest time of the year is a great use of that space. Angle your furniture and use the extra space to display an indoor tree or palm.

7. Step Up - Light bare wood is always the best and beautiful of option for giving a small room a larger appearance. Flooring in an apartment cannot be changed but it can be changed up! Place a lighter area rug on top of the existing carpet. Or in the case of a dark linoleum find a light bamboo or Berber to bring out the light.