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Brick House

In 1977, the Commodores were in the studio recording when there was a problem with the equipment. While the tapes were being repaired and replaced, the group took a break. Ronald LaPread, the Commodores' bass player, began jamming with his guitar and came up with the now famous bass line that begins the song and runs throughout it. The other band members began to fill in. James Carmichael, the producer heard this, recognized a hit when he heard one and told everyone to "sleep on it" and see if anyone could come up with lyrics and a melody for this great track. William King (singer) went to sleep but his wife, Shirley Hanna-King, was inspired and wrote down her ideas. William loved it and played it for the group. The Commodores liked it too and assumed William was the writer. It was a few years before the Commodores discovered that indeed it was Shirley Hanna-King who had written and coined the now famous term "Brick House". Walter "Clyde" Orange had the funky voice to sing lead vocals and added his touches to the lyrics as he recorded. "Brick House" went on the new album and sold millions of copies around the world.