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Interior Redesign/Home Staging Workshop Headed for Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Come join us in Milwaukee, Wisconsin August 22-24, 2007 to learn all about redesign and home staging!

This fast paced workshop has students moving furniture and redesigning rooms the very first afternoon. It is an extremely hands-on training seminar which combines morning lecture with actual in home practice.

This three day professional workshop includes a minimum of FIVE hands-on interior redesign/home staging projects.
The before and after room photos are always a terrific addition to each members new portfolio. There is also actual client contact during the workshop, which enables students to participate in the always exciting room reveal. This contact is essential for a successful learning experience. Students are given the opportunity to observe client interaction and gain the experience and confidence needed to succeed.
Some of the topics covered are:
Professional standards, how to find clients, initial client contact, gaining credibility quickly, contracts vs. proposals, pricing services, follow up and referrals, important business affiliations, 'sweet 16' proven marketing strategies, marketing tips (70+ very affordable), and where, writing a business plan, taxes and insurance.
In addition, the course includes:
Our illustrated 100 plus page training manual, business plan sample, tool kit, Decorating Assistant Kit, color tools, and form templates.Upon completion of the workshop, new members receive a framed designation certificate, and a FREE ONE YEAR POSTING on our national website. Ongoing assistance is also provided so new members will never feel alone.In addition, all members become eligible to join the Interior Design Society, gaining additional credibility for their new businesses.Please check availability as classes are strictly limited to six new members and fill quickly.