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Beautiful Panorama Modern Villa

Villa A is located on the slope of the Poestling Berg – a mountain overlooking Linz, Austria. The site is accessed from the road behind leading down hills to the building’s main entrance, covered by an extended cantilever roof structure. The city’s panorama that it features is truly breathtaking. It can be seen from almost all rooms and from the swimming pool on a terrace.

Corvin Cristian Headvertising Office Interior

Corvin Cristian Romania architect has designed the interior design for office Headvertising, an advertising agency in Bucharest, Romania. This office is located in Old Romanian Stock Exchange building. The theme of the interior design is the design of furniture for storage of goods or file, as a room divider

Autoban The Ojeni Apartment Interior Design

The Turkish design studio Autoban have sent us photos of a recently completed apartment interior they have refurbished and filled with their own furniture designs. Project description from Autoban: Lying between one of the chiquest streets in Beyolu and the lively heart of Tünel, the Ojeni flats boast stunning views over the whole of historic Istanbul and the Bosphorus.

Contemporary Interior Design in Victorian Apartment

A houses and apartments go through countless refurbishments and changing fashions, details such as picture and dado-rails come and go, radiators are boxed over or left exposed and, of course, kitchens and bathrooms are replaced at an astonishing rate. Working in the international fashion business means that the owners of this central London apartment travel

Colorful Vertical Space Apartment Interior Design

Instead of trying to make his vertical space look larger by using the common device of an all-white scheme, the interior design director of a top UK fabric and design company took another approach in this south-west London apartment. A developer had bought an old school, divided the spaces into units of various sizes and sold them on as empty shells.

Luxury Apartment Design with Antique Furniture Decorating

A gallery owner, picture-framing expert and author of several design books has decorated her large London apartment in pale, creamy whites, concentrating on the play of natural light afforded by its luxuriously tall windows, instead of a separate dining-room she has been able to incorporate an antique table and chairs into the new kitchen

Unplanned Decorating Minimalist Apartment in London

Buing off-plan can be risky business, but this apartment was purchased without a plan at all, just an empty space with walls, plenty of windows and a roof. The owners spend a lot time in California and were concerned that wherever they lived in London would never be light enough. The solution was a roof-top above a warehouse conversion.

futuristic interior design

a room that presents a futuristic interior design gives the impression of a modern, futuristic interior design as well as occupant comfort, care futuristic interior design becomes easy and enjoyable

interior design future

Interior design will reflect the future home owners a stylish modern living.
The interior design requires the selection of furniture in the style of his future, ie materials that can give the impression of metal.
With this interior design furniture color selection also gives the impression of a modern room.

interior design with stair

Interior design for a room that has stairs to the upper floor area can be made by choosing furniture that is simple, with simple interior design as well, and the selection of soft colors that will give the impression of a comfortable interior design.
The interior design will help the function of such a small space.

interior design for a minimalis room

interior design for a narrow room can be made large by choosing furniture that is simple, with simple interior design too, and the selection of soft colors that will give the impression of a comfortable interior design

interior design for a minimalis house

Interior design for the modern home can be designed by using a metal theme, both shape and coloration.
Such interior design will give the impression of a futuristic space, couple families mendabakan tcocok create a modern and dynamic life.
for those of you who desire no harm in using this kind of interior design.

The House Band

A house band is a group of musicians, often centrally organized by a band leader, who regularly play an establishment. It is widely used to refer both to the bands who work on entertainment programs on television or radio, and to bands which are the regular performers at a nightclub, especially jazz and R&B clubs. The term can also refer to a group that plays sessions for a specific recording studio. There was also a band called The House Band, which played Celtic/British Folk music from 1984 until 2001. House bands on television shows usually play only cover songs instead of originals and they play during times which commercials would be seen by the home viewing audience, therefore only those present in the studio during the show's taping see their full performances.

The Neighbourhood House

Central Neighbourhood House (CNH), founded in 1911, is located in the Regent Park area of Toronto at 349 Ontario Street. Originally founded as a settlement house for new immigrants, today it provides a broad range of vital services to young people, seniors, new Canadians and all members of the downtown east community. CNH provides spaces, services and opportunities that engage all community members in enhancing their quality of life and in building healthy, inclusive neighbourhoods.

Central Neighbourhood House serves a catchment area which includes the neighbourhoods of Regent Park, Moss Park and St. Jamestown. These neighbourhoods are among the lowest income but also most culturally diverse in Toronto, and are the first place of residence for thousands of new Canadians each year.
CNH provides a range of services grouped under Daycare, Children and Youth Services, Women's Program, Family Support, Street Survivors, Housing & Community Support, and the Adult Day Program.
CNH is supported by the United Way, City of Toronto, Ministry of Community and Social Services, and numerous foundations and individual

The Bedroom furniture

Bedroom furniture, sometimes called a bedroom set or bedroom suite consists of a group of furniture in a bedroom or sleeping quarters. Pieces of furniture referred to as bedroom furniture usually include: beds, wardrobes, dressers, chests, nightstands, armoires, vanities, trunks, and mirrors. There are also many variations of these pieces as furniture styles have changed through time and as individual manufacturers have put their own spin on them.
Bedroom furniture is predominantly made of wood, but many bed frames are made of various metals as well.
One of the common traits of quality bedroom furniture is drawers fashioned together using a method called dovetailing or English dovetailing. This method involves the interlocking of two pieces of wood, usually at a right angle.

More modern methods make use of materials such as MDF (medium density fibreboard) finished with a covering that mimics exotic and rare timbers. Man made materials such as these are often described as "The saviours of the rain forests" as they satisfy a need for quality and beauty without using the planet's valuable resources.

The Central House

Central House is an 1860s hotel building located in the 800 person village of Orangeville, in Stephenson County, Illinois, United States. The building was built by Orangeville founder John Bower and operated as a hotel from its construction until the 1930s when it was converted for use as a single family residence. The three story building was the first commercial brick structure in downtown Orangeville. Architecturally, the building is cast in a mid-19th century Italianate style. Central House was added to the U.S. National Register of Historic Places in 1999.
“It’s the central pin through the house,” Kelly observes of the living room fireplace, which hides structural and service elements. “We went through many renditions of it and the cladding.” Duke admits, “I think we changed materials about 100 times.” Samsung television.
Central House stands at a T-intersection in the central business district of the 800 person village of Orangeville, Illinois, United States. Orangeville, in Stephenson County, is about two miles (3.2 km) from the Illinois–Wisconsin  border. High Street slopes uphill from the Richland Creek and is populated by historic, 19th century buildings. At the summit of High Street's slope is the Central House]. In total, four of the five structures on the National Register of Historic Places in Orangeville, are found along High Street; the Union House, People's State Bank  and the Orangeville Masonic Hall are the other two. Other historic buildings in the approximately three block area include the 1888 Musser Building, and the 1906 Wagner Building.

The Central office

The Central is a commercial and residential building located on Eu Tong Sen Street, opposite Clarke Quay along the Singapore River in Central Area, Singapore. The Central comprises a five-storey shopping mall, situated below a block of purpose-built small office/home office (SOHO) units, and a 25-storey office tower.
Opened in January 2007, the contemporary shopping mall sits on a site directly above Clarke Quay MRT Station. Managed by PARCO, the mall has five levels totalling 200,000 square feet (19,000 m2) of retailing space, and houses Singapore's first purpose-built SOHO units. The mall has a distinctive Japanese theme, with a wide variety of Japanese shops and restaurants as tenants. The mall's developer, Far East Organization, planned to turn The Central into a Japanese food paradise in the style of Decks Tokyo Beach, a popular waterfront shopping and entertainment complex in Tokyo's Odaiba district.
In the first of its kind promotional event for a shopping mall in Singapore, The Central invited Stefani Sun to hold an autograph session with fans, to kick start it's series of promotional events. In the second event, The Central presented "South East Asia's Biggest Magic Event at the Singapore River" by having Singapore top magic duo - J C Sum and 'Magic Babe' Ning teleport 3 people across the iconic Singapore River in 2.5 seconds on the 24th of September 2008.[3] This mega illusion will be part the F1 Singapore Grand Prix Season. Named "The Impossible Journey", the starting point will be 3 separate teleportation chambers, each on a see-through platform, atop a see-through stage at the Central river promenade. The destination will be across the Singapore River on the Read Bridge almost 250m away.

Beach Bedrooms

Bring the peaceful feeling of your beach vacations into your home with beach theme bedroom decorating. A seaside vacation is a favorite way to recharge for most people; something about the sun, the sand, and that hypnotic roll of the ocean just seems to soothe the soul. Even if your home base is land locked, it doesn’t mean you have to leave that laid back
feeling of respite at the shore. Incorporating beach themes into your bedroom is a great way to make sure you get a taste of that stress-free beach vacation feeling every single night.

Accessorize House

After you have chosen your colors and picked your furniture, of course you need all of the right accessories to pull the look together. This is where you can really start to have some fun with your beach themed bedroom design. Seashells, anchors, hand carved ocean animals,
colorful tropical prints for your walls – all of these things will give your room those finishing beach inspired touches. Remember to bring back souvenirs and knick-knacks from your favorite beach getaways to really give your room the feel of your favorite ocean side escape.
Accessorize House
Accessorize House

interior design for a minimalis home

although they look relaxed, but the interior design minimalist dared to be different with an open model furniture
different from the minimalist interior design in general that suggests simple, interior design shows a little model takes place

interior design for minimalis home with colorfull

interior design with the impression that light can be obtained by making the coloring is simple and minimalist design.
Build simple forms suggest a charming interior design and luxury.

interior design shades of purple

Different from a quiet room, just shades of purple interior design gives the spirit to everyone who entered.
Interior design as impressed although less cool but with an interesting mix of interior design using minimalist furniture design.
For those of you whose lives are filled with the spirit of interior design using shades of purple as an expression of your feelings.

interior design shades of blue

Color selection in laying out the interior design will affect the occupants' comfort in performing daily activities.
The interior design of a blue tone gives the impression of a cool, peaceful, calm.
Supported also by the selection of furniture with curved shape will make interior design more life and fun for everyone included in it. For those of you who crave a comfortable interior design would not hurt to take inspiration from this interior design.

minimalist interior design

Our house is part of our lifestyle, choose the design to suit our needs will affect the selection of styles. selection of minimalist interior design will help us in adapting to our environment.
Although the minimalist interior design look less lively but sometimes minimalist interior design will give the impression of simple and fascinating

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