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Cute South Korea Model Girl, Han Mi Seon 한미선's attractive fashion with sexy racing outfit

Korea Cute Model Girl, Han Mi Seon 한미선 is showing off her cute and lovely style with beautiful white and bule sexy racing outfit at Motor Show. Han Mi Seon was born in 1981 and her Body Measurement are Height 171cm and Weight 48kg. Some of her works : Racing time harmony , 2008 Seoul Motor Show and 2007 Peugeot model.

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Korea Cute Girl, Han Ga Eun 한가은 's cute fashion with beautiful black and white wearings

Korean Super Car Model, Han Ga Eun 한가은 is attracting her fan with her cute and lovely style. She is promoting at Motor Show with beautiful black and white dress. She was born in October 9, 1986 and her body measurement are W 168cm, W 47kg . Her professional modeling career are : 2008 Busan Motor Show, GM Daewoo model and 2008 tire model CJ Super Race.

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Gu Jin Sung, Korea Popular Model girl, with beautiful black strapless gown at Car Show

Korea Top Racing Super Model Girl, Gu Jin Sung is promoting at Car Show with beautiful black strapless gown. Gu Ji Sung 구지성 is ranked number 1 on the Miss Dica racing girl list. She was born in 1983. She is one of the top Racing Super Model in Korea.
| 키- Height : 172cm | 체중 - Weight : 49kg.

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